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GearGrip - LCD Harness
Protect your Investment!

(See Size Chart Below)

XL Size Long Haul Edition - NOW AVAILABLE
Wide Size - No longer Available
Large Size - No longer Available
Lg-Wide Size - No longer Available

(Patent Pending)

LCD flat panel displays are small, lightweight and perfect for mobile applications. Unfortunately they are also expensive and fragile if not protected. Now you can transport and protect your display with one solution. The GearGrip LCD shield harness is engineered to allow for the easy transport of your display while offering triple layer protection for the display surface. Stylish, secure and easy to use, the GearGrip-LCD is perfect for students, technicians and gamers who want to safely move their LCD display.

  • 1.5" heavy duty webbing and buckles.
  • Premium soft-grip handle
  • Tame dangling cables with the CableGrip(TM) cable manager
  • Secure mesh pocket holds the display's power supply and cord
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with carabineer-style snaphooks
  • Tough Ballistic nylon exterior fabric.
  • Available in 6 sizes:
    Small fits most 15"-17" displays

    Medium fits most 17" -20" displays
    Large fits most 20 "-24" displays
    Lg-Wide fits most 27" wide screen displays

    XL fits most 30" displays
    (See Size Chart Below)

The LCD shield provides a triple layer of protection for the surface of your display.

  • Energy absorbing foam laminate outer layer for blunt impact protection.
  • A super stiff ABS honeycomb core to protect against sharp impact.
  • Inner foam layer for extra protection and soft contact with the surface of the display.

What's the Long Haul Edition?

The new Long Haul Edition GearGrip-LCD (currently only available in the XL size) has additional features needed for extended transport and extra protecion. These include:

  • Padded side "wings" for added protection
  • side-to-side strap for more secure lateral holding
  • Trolley strap allows GearGrip-LCD to fit over a trolley handle on your luggage for easier long distance travel.


(hold cables and power brick)
(blue color shown)

size chart
(Display dimension H should be at least the minimum shown for that size)
(Display dimension W is for the screen width. If the total width of the display exceeds the dimension shown the product will still work. The sides of the display will simply extend past the sides of the product.)
Wide Size - No longer Available

Great for Apple iMacs!

Note: Recommendations based on model (some common displays)

Medium: Apple iMac 17"
XL : Dell 3008 FPW, HP LP3065 (30" displays)

Caution: LCD displays generate heat during operation. This product should not be used while the LCD display is on.

Note: This product is designed to also work on Apple(TM) LCD displays and displays with embedded speakers. The lower skirt on this product is designed to allow for lateral strap movement and can be folded under as needed.

Triple layer protection

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